Laser Pipes Unblock

Key words: laser pipes, puzzle, laser path animation, Unity, unblock, android

General description:

Laser Pipes Unblock is a puzzle game deployed on Android. It is a sort of mixture of elements from unblock games and connect the pipes games. It is my personal project.


  • 48 levels
  • real time laser animation
  • undo button
  • 3 star system
  • skip level after failing for a long time by watching an ad

Gameplay and mechanics:

The goal of the game is to rearrange the square blocks with pipes on them in such a matter that the pipes connect at the right places and form a path for a laser to travel from the start to the end point. There is always only one blank space in which you can move the blocks in. The start and end point are different in every level. You move the block by sliding them in the right place. You also have the option to redo your moves and to restart the level. You have unlimited number of moves but to reach 3 or 2 stars there are certain move limitations.

Production and technologies

I made this game in the summer break from college in 2016. I did all the coding and art. Coding part was done in Unity game engine and the graphics were made in Inkscape.I spent the most time on getting the laser to fill the pipes in real time as you move the blocks, level design and drawing the elements. I did the levels by setting up a path with different pipes and then moving the blocks around then I used the number of moves it took me to rearrange the field to set up limitations for 2 and 3 stars. This way I could also easily be sure that the level is solvable.